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Name:Hunter Todd Alexander
Birthdate:Jan 1
Location:New Rochelle, New York, United States of America
Website:@ dreamlikenewyork

Hunter Todd Alexander is the middle child born to Luke and Cindy Alexander of Burlington, Vermont. Hunter followed a minute after his twin brother, Darius, and nearly ten years after Hunter and Darius, Brody, a surprise bundle of joy arrived. Within those ten years, Hunter's dad fought and survived Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma. They thought the chemo would leave him infertile, but one determined little swimmer managed to get through and complete their family of three boys.

Besides the period of his dad having cancer and the family fearing he wouldn't make it, the biggest challenge in Hunter's life came when he was 15. His best friend, Charlotte, was coming to the difficult realisation that she was transsexual. Although commencing the transition and beginning to become a male called Charlie, it proved far too crippling on his mental health when he suffered bullying. Hunter was over at Charlie's place one evening ready to play some Playstation games. When Charlie was in the bathroom way too long, he got concerned and went to check on him. He found Charlie barely alive, having cut his wrists sitting in the bathtub. He was dead before the paramedics arrived.

The left Hunter shocked and traumatised, however after some therapy intervention, he managed to stay on the straight and narrow. Losing Charlie, he realised how precious life was and how hard it was to ensure your own happiness. He has never touched alcohol or drugs, and managed to graduate high school as the Valedictorian of his class with straights As. He knew for a long time that he wanted to become a Mental Health Nurse. He studied hard in college, and is now a Nurse Practitioner in Adolescent Mental Health. He did his first nursing placement at Mount Sinai Medical Centre, and was soon offered a job at Four Winds in Westchester working as a Case Manager for their adolescent mental health program.

Hunter is a strong and confident person, and loves what he does working with young people with mental health issues. He works three 12 hours shifts a week, and in his spare time, enjoys playing and listening to music. He plays guitar and piano/keyboards, and it was through one of his recent patients, Justin Campbell that heard Zed Blaze may be looking to a new band member once he gets back into the swing of the performing circuit with his band, Blazing Phoenix. He is considering getting in touch and seeing if he could take performing up as a hobby on his days off.

Hunter prefers steady and committed relationships to casual sex. He's not the hook-up sort of guy and could never be a manwhore. He has had a couple of serious relationships that ultimately fizzled out before they got to the moving in or beyond phase. He likes a slow burn, though he figures if he ever finds that super special someone, slow burn might not be necessary. He classifies himself as currently 'single and looking'. He's a fun-loving guy with a wicked sense of humour. His easygoing natures generally helps him connect and engaged with his patients. He is also part of a LGBTQIA support organisation for teens facing struggles with their sexual identity and volunteers his time with them three times per month.

Hunter currently lives in New Rochelle, about halfway between his work in Westchester and Manhattan. He missed his family, but visits them in Vermont regularly. There has been talk of his younger brother coming to live with him to attend a private school with a prestigious dance program, after he won a national TV talent competition that put his name on the map as an upcoming young dancer. Brody is a fantastic hip-hop dancer and Hunter supports him wholeheartedly in his quest to become a professional dancer.

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